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The new novel by Andrew Draper  

"Hailey's Hog"

In this provocative tale of street justice,
a young woman hunts the four men who terrorized her.


Living in an emotional prison of her own making,
20 year-old Hailey Barrow dreams of a normal life,
a life without crippling fear.

  When she inherites her uncle’s vintage
Harley-Davidson, she discovers a second
side of her personality. The Hailey who
rides is confident and tough, unlike the
frightened introvert of the other five days a week.

  Determined to take control of her life, she
takes to the road in search of the four men
who took her humanity and soul in a brutal,
drunken assault.

  A poignant tale of street justice, Hailey’s Hog
is a full-throttle ride into crime, punishment...
and vengence.





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When absolute power corrupts absolutely 



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